There is this big politically incorrect question: Is the constitution of marriage going to be obsolete in the future?

The idea and the possibility of the constitution of marriage going to be obsolete in the future could be a real threat to our human existence; however, this depends on whether we decide to adapt a new way of relationships without having the government get involved in our lives.

We all know by now that 50% of marriages fail and the family court system and divorce process is a nightmare.

Marriage being in decline is actually a known fact. These numbers are coming from E-Stats which they have collected their data from US Census Bureau and other sources. The marriage rates were at around 10 per 1000 US population in 1980s, now it is about 5 per 1000 US population. E-Stats list the divorce rates at 2.3 per 1000 population, which is close to 50%, but this stat tend to be useless, because the data collected excludes data for California, Hawaii, Indiana, Minnesota, and New Mexico.

California state most likely has the highest percentage of divorces. Have you been in a family court in California? The lines are very long - looks like DMV lines, so I think the divorce rate should be much more than 50%.

At around 1950s when the US state government had less of its authoritarian rules over people’s marriage life and before scaring away most people from marriages, about 82% of US household were made up of married couples, now it is about 47%.

The people who are proponent of marriage argue that some study shows that married people are generally happier. But those studies are biased because they do not provide the reality of the situation.

Let’s not be politically correct and say: People who are fortunate, more attractive, have a better finances, education, and are in a better place in life are more likely to get married and those people were fortune and happier in the first place.

So, generally speaking, the reality is that people who are in a fortunate place in life and have the ability to get married are usually happier than people who are struggling and are not in a situation in life to get married.

Having said that, there are people who are completely happy to stay single, but I’m not sure if the stats got into surveying those happy go lucky single people.

But let’s pass over all of these argument and look at the fact that in the past 2-3 years, many men and women have started to tell their bad experiences about their divorce court that lasted 2-3 years, it is proven that the divorce court is a nightmarish ordeal, costing couples hundreds of thousands in attorney fees, and both men and women are walking out of there traumatized, except the spouse who gained a huge financial advantage when walking out of a divorce court.

So people are starting to consider staying single or just cohabitate carefully with someone who they love without inviting state government into their lives.

If you knew that if you’re getting on a plane, there is a 50% chance of a crash, would you get on that plane? People are getting smarter and the word is getting around about the danger of divorce and family court and what it can do to people’s finances and mental and physical health.

So as every day goes by, more and more people are educated about the danger of marriage and divorce and the marriage rate will further decline and there is a good possibility that people will decide to either stay single or cohabit without getting a marriage license.