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About InfoBlender

InfoBlender is a US based online journal and blog website focusing on important topics such as:

Emotional Intelligence

Topics discussed: importance of empathy, compassion, altruism, core values, core beliefs, meaning of life, life purpose, humanity, kindness and love, etc..

Dating and Marriage

Topics discussed: qualities to focus on in a life partner, today's society and circumstances and how it affects on today's dating and marriages, effects of government involvements in divorces, etc..


Topics discussed: health, herbs, spices, healthy foods and vegetables, home remedies, health issues, healthy lifestyles, importance of physical and mental health, etc..


Topics discussed: children and parenting, parenting skills, teaching children emotional intelligence, raising healthy children and dealing with children\' behavioral issues, etc..


Topics discussed: starting a business, factors in business success, ecommerce business, business software, payroll and taxes, sales and marketing, etc..


Topics discussed: everything relating to technology such as business software, web applications, programming, software development, web application development, linux, servers and server software, web hosting, and application hosting, etc..

Food Recipes

Topics discussed: healthy food, easy & quick food recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Mediterranean food, tasty & healthy food recipes, seafood recipes, etc..


Topics discussed: outrageous things that are happening because of the government, politics, news media, people that are in a rat race for money, power and status, and generally our today' society.

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