Does anyone remembers George H.W. Bush's famous statement on 1988 Republican National Convention: 'Read My lips: No New Taxes'?

Well, George H.W. Bush could not follow through with his promise and a couple of years later, in 1990, Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 was passed which increased taxes for many, including individuals.

The politicians know that increasing taxes on people is not a very popular act, so they have came up with a tricky way to tax all of us without us knowing it.

Let's say you're a family making $80,000 per year or an individual making $60,000 per year; with your income, you have a certain purchasing power, to pay for rent or mortgage, buy groceries, gas and all your necessary expenses.

Then what the government does, the government prints a bunch of money to pay for government spending and yes some of the money gets distributed to some people, not all people equally. And actually, the distribution of money is not based on who needs it the most, but it is based on how to possibly fix the economy or stop some possible "disaster" that they believe is going to happen to the economy.

What government does by printing money and spending money, they indirectly tax you to pay for the government spending, to pay to the other countries, to pay to a certain group of people, but mostly, the middle class is usually left out of the money distribution.

So, let's say you make $60,000 per year, based on government printing money and spending money, there is an inflation, like the current inflation situation, so your $60,000 per year income is now worth about $50,000, so you are secretly being taxed about $10,000 to pay for the government spending without you knowing it.

So everybody things that the democrats fight for the poor and the middle class, but based on our current economical situation and the democrats running our current government, you either have to be very rich owning a few homes, gold, stock, etc.. so the inflation makes you richer or you're extremely poor that you're receiving government handouts and inflation does not affect you much, but the middle class are as usual being the class that is left behind struggling trying to support themselves and their families.

Maybe it is the time for people to show their disapproval of the current government by voting for the politicians who are Independent, this way we are not voting republicans or democrats, each only focusing their policies to benefits only a certain group of people. It is time to vote for politicians who care for fairness, maybe the politicians who have not spent their entire lives in politics, let's vote for someone among us, someone who live as a regular working citizen or as a small business owner, instead of getting someone in the office that have never been in our shoes and never felt the financial stress that we are feeling now as the middle class citizens.